Alexander Wang Rafael Leather and Rabbit Box Bag

November 29th, 2013 by aclazaro

What you are seeing here is the Alexander Wang Rafael Leather and Rabbit Box Bag. This is so great if you like pets that you carry around for it has some rabbit texture material as accessory and part of the overall design of the bag. It is something that you can spice up even your simplest attire. This is set in black that is shiny and perfect in its looks. You would surely want this to be yours the soonest.

This comes with dark pelt and has some apex fastening that is diminutive. It also comes with a shoulder band that is removable and has some spruces that are considered as hoary fastener. It also has some zipped up façade with heaves that are rabbit looking. It has compartment that is all zipped up and has some print too on its inside layers. It has fast binding design right on its apex.

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