Alexander Wang Prisma Giant Leather Portfolio Clutch

November 26th, 2013 by aclazaro

Alexander Wang has always been an iconic brand for bags and other fashion accessories. And this time, what you are seeing here is the Alexander Wang Prisma Giant Leather Portfolio Clutch. Once you see this, you would only think of it as classy and elegantly simple. You must check it out better by looking at the rest of the pictures that we have featured here. This comes with a pelt material set in dark black and some eight slits for its tags and the rhodium angles as well.

It also has some cubicle in shatter strap for more changes and some fastened section that is zipped up. It features a phone case, a receptable for a chic pen and some zipped up strap. It is set in solid black and you have to look at its insides so that you know you are not missing the best parts of it.

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