Alexander Wang Lydia Metallic Leather Rabbit Clutch

November 29th, 2013 by aclazaro

If you want some glimmer in your accessories and bags, then this is what you have just been waiting for. This is a purse called the Alexander Wang Lydia Metallic Leather Rabbit Clutch. This is affordable and for its amazing look it can already complement your entire attire, whether you find it chic or not. This bag is truly something that you would find unique and unforgettable when you include it in your collection.

This comes with pelt material that has a clanging bronze item. It also has an area wrist holder and some binding compartment that is zipped up found in its interiors. It also has binding areas that widen that is uncovered with some heaves that are all zipped up. The bottom point is that it is wizened all over with some obscure looking kind of thrust-fasten mechanism. What do you think of its overall look? Do you like it?

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