Alexander Wang Adriel Metallic Leather Clutch

April 18th, 2014 by aclazaro

This is one bag that you would not be able to take your hands and eyes off even if the Rafael Clutch grabbed our attention about a month ago already. It would remind you of the Alex Wang Rafael Clutch with its essential features like the highly shiny metallic silver finish and its hardware that is chunky and zippered, its rabbit tail is what seems to be the distracting part. This time we have the Alexander Wang Adriel Metallic Leather Clutch.

This is the more refined version of that metallic leather bag that comes with all the sheen and no fur at all. It is mega shiny but has the electric pack of what is silver still along with its bold zip closure. It comes as a sleek yet tiny bag that is very demanding. You would surely love its front pockets that completes the entire design of the bag.

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Alexander Wang Robyn Textured Leather Hobo Bag

February 20th, 2014 by aclazaro

To stay in trend with hobo bags, stay fun when you carry this Robyn Textured leather Hobo Bag from Alexander Wang. Its surface pelt is set in mustard with a shoulder fasten. It also has a warped tie finish. Its interior has embossed closure folder all linked with the help of an extensive fasten. It has meticulous junctions right at its designed platform that is also a bit creased in pelt.

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Alexander Wang Large Emilie Tote

January 2nd, 2014 by aclazaro

Carry all your important things and stuff in this Alexander Wang large Emilie tote. It is perfect to carry when you are headed out of town. It is made with black leather that is textured. It has one logo plating on its sides with antique gold for its hardware. It has metal corners that are structured too and screw stud detailing at its bottom part. It has carry handles with shoulder strap that is removable. It has main compartment closure that is exposed.

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Alexander Wang Rafael Leather and Rabbit Box Bag

November 29th, 2013 by aclazaro

What you are seeing here is the Alexander Wang Rafael Leather and Rabbit Box Bag. This is so great if you like pets that you carry around for it has some rabbit texture material as accessory and part of the overall design of the bag. It is something that you can spice up even your simplest attire. This is set in black that is shiny and perfect in its looks. You would surely want this to be yours the soonest.

This comes with dark pelt and has some apex fastening that is diminutive. It also comes with a shoulder band that is removable and has some spruces that are considered as hoary fastener. It also has some zipped up façade with heaves that are rabbit looking. It has compartment that is all zipped up and has some print too on its inside layers. It has fast binding design right on its apex.

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Alexander Wang Lydia Metallic Leather Rabbit Clutch

November 29th, 2013 by aclazaro

If you want some glimmer in your accessories and bags, then this is what you have just been waiting for. This is a purse called the Alexander Wang Lydia Metallic Leather Rabbit Clutch. This is affordable and for its amazing look it can already complement your entire attire, whether you find it chic or not. This bag is truly something that you would find unique and unforgettable when you include it in your collection.

This comes with pelt material that has a clanging bronze item. It also has an area wrist holder and some binding compartment that is zipped up found in its interiors. It also has binding areas that widen that is uncovered with some heaves that are all zipped up. The bottom point is that it is wizened all over with some obscure looking kind of thrust-fasten mechanism. What do you think of its overall look? Do you like it?

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Alexander Wang Prisma Giant Leather Portfolio Clutch

November 26th, 2013 by aclazaro

Alexander Wang has always been an iconic brand for bags and other fashion accessories. And this time, what you are seeing here is the Alexander Wang Prisma Giant Leather Portfolio Clutch. Once you see this, you would only think of it as classy and elegantly simple. You must check it out better by looking at the rest of the pictures that we have featured here. This comes with a pelt material set in dark black and some eight slits for its tags and the rhodium angles as well.

It also has some cubicle in shatter strap for more changes and some fastened section that is zipped up. It features a phone case, a receptable for a chic pen and some zipped up strap. It is set in solid black and you have to look at its insides so that you know you are not missing the best parts of it.

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Alexander Wang Metallic Top Handle Bag

August 23rd, 2013 by aclazaro

Are you the type who is a bit attracted to very shiny items? If you are, then you should not be blamed if you will fall for this Alexander Wang Metallic Top Handle Bag. It has the intensity of a lightning bolt but it is still soothing to anyone’s eyes. You may also love its very exaggerated zippers and the hardware that is highly defined. It is sleek, sexy having been without all the unimportant decorations.

It is possible to even see you reflection on its very shiny leather. It is the perfect purse to store all your cosmetic accessories and its style remains as casual too to fit even your lightest and breezy set of fashion clothes. You can avail it for a costly price of $725. Do you think it is worth it to buy? Would you want to have this shiny little thing up in your closet of designer bags?

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Alexander Wang Lydia Metallic Leather And Rabbit Clutch

May 30th, 2013 by aclazaro

Make your chic attire be complemented when you carry this sleek clutch from Alexander Wang. It has clanging bronze pelt with area wrist holder. It has interior zipped up bind compartment with hoary zipped up bind area to widen up. It has rabbit spruced zipped up heave and it is totally wizened. It also has obscured thrust fasten bind on its flutter façade.

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