Is Eco-Friendly Fashion Statement Too cliché? Not!!!

December 20th, 2009 by msj484

eco friendly dress 1

I just *heart* this new stint pulled by the Danish Fashion Institue last Dec.9. It was a showcase of fabrics made from, well, you guessed it – recycled materials. Now this wasn’t your usual eco-friendly apparel made from earth-toned and rich-textured organic materials. This is innovative recycling that can have the same smoothness of silk and glossy sheen of PVC. Even the names used to call the products were done by a real style-genius. Crabion, Ingeo, Ditto and Milkfiber, samples of new fashion-lingo, were the keywords heard in that event. Ingenuous materials like crab byproducts, corn scraps and even powder left over from boiled milk were used to show how traditional textiles can be replaced with innovative new ones. Talk about protecting Mother Nature, these guys really delivered!

Hats off to the show’s 20 designers from five Nordic countries and representative of retailing giants as H&M and Barneys. Each presented two looks made from organic cottons, silks, polyesters and recycled agricultural materials. Asymmetrical cocktail dresses, oversized joker-collared windbrakers and dresses in strappy bodice were just samples of styles the models strut on the runway.

I hope to see more of these soon in malls, too. Who knows what else they could come up with next time. With the buzz that multinational organizations have been creating on being eco-friendly, I’m pretty sure there’d be more of these.

eco-friendly dress 2
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