Fantasy Island Swimsuit by Insight

April 24th, 2014 by aclazaro

After the dreaded winter, here comes another season to prepare us for the beach. Well, maybe winter is not that frightening after all but if you compare the stunning beauty of the waves with the freezing cold you know what I mean. Thank God that we got the internet for us to surf and prepare for our vacation package. Mine consists of tanning lotion, summer hat and gorgeous flip flops. What else is missing? Oh yes, that will be a swimsuit. Take this Fantasy Island Swimsuit by Insight as an example. Even if you can fit this on a dressing room I can tell you that this one-piece swimsuit is amazing. Look at the geometric design and cut to believe me. The cut out sides of this $98 apparel as well as the super low, bikini-like back is really sexy. With matching slim halter, the deep V neckline can show off you’re a peak on your cleavage or even complement the lack thereof quite nicely.

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Deborah Dress by Sublet Clothing

April 9th, 2014 by aclazaro

Summer is fun. From large hats, swimsuits, tanning lotion and sexy cover ups to the beach scenery, half-naked hunks and delicious food, how can you not love it? Personally, I am excited to hit the waves but still can’t find to do so. I have tons of work to do and I do not know how to have a break or two. Anyway, if you are still searching for an apparel to complete your travel bag better check out the Deborah Dress from the Sublet Clothing. It is not surprising that you consider time as an essential part of your vacation and you want to conserve it most of the time. This is best achieved by easy slip clothes just like the featured one. Aside from the functionality, this simple yet elegant piece is just a perfect summer wardrobe. Its hypnotizing ruffles as well as the fascinating color hues used matches the ambiance set by the heat. The material used is also worth mentioning which is a cut from silk. Will you buy this one for $290?

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Black Label Tiered Top by Akira

April 7th, 2014 by aclazaro

Sometimes I wonder why you can superb beautiful undergarments but don’t know how to flaunt it. After spending some bucks on a pretty fitting bra why not find a good cover up that can also show up some of your cute little things or even just a cleavage. Try buying the Black Label Tiered Top by Akira for a very cheap price of $40. You can mix sexiness with fun by having a tiered top that can have a peak at your asset. The sheer bust is very nice for a feminine touch that will surely turn heads of passing spectators. Other features include polka-dotted layers down below that will take care of the other area as well as good fabric. If you decided to have this apparel, you can have different looks by wearing it under a blazer, with a denim jacket or just as is. You can also accentuate the overall look with a striking necklace piece.

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Striped Maxi Tank Dress by Forever 21

April 4th, 2014 by aclazaro

For just a price tag of $16, this Striped Tank Maxi Dress by Forever 21 is simply perfect for any warm day. A pretty and cool racerback dress that has ribbed trim and thin black stripes, this piece can be worn with a coat, denim jacket or as swimsuit cover-up. This can be an all around outfit for all kinds of season and a real must-have.

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Oversize Ruffle Dress by My Pet Square

April 2nd, 2014 by aclazaro

Why is it fascinating to look at the models flaunting their skinny bodies on the ramp? Maybe it is because of the satisfaction that our eyes can have and the imagination that we can also have that kind of look if we have all that is necessary. Like this one in the picture. At first glance, it may look heavy right? But according to the dress’ features it is lighter than what it shows. Well, you better purchase one to believe its claim that it has a lighter weight than others in the market that use the cape trend nowadays. For $268, the layers of the Oversize Ruffle Dress from My Pet Square gave the skinny models a full look on the Fall/Winter 2010 runways. Do you think that the price tag is worth the dress in the first place? Other features include giant raglan sleeves that can be real eye-catching because of elegance, front single welt pockets that can be really functional and plenty of ruched ruffled pieces for overall feminine look.

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Pendleton X Opening Ceremony = Swing Dress

March 27th, 2014 by aclazaro

Have you experienced buying a highly priced piece of apparel that was just perfect for the past seasons but now gathering dusts in your closet because it was not in the trend anymore? Well, the one we will be feature this time can always be a part of this summer and the summers to come. Just like the little black dress, this swing dress from the collaborative efforts of Pendleton and Opening Ceremony can be a staple fashion statement. I have been exposed to sneaker collaborations that made huge success but this time, the dress wwill be a real hit in the market. With an affordable price of $450, this true feminine piece is simply cute. The charming plaid print utilized the possible colors for spring like neutrals, prairie and khakis. What do you think of this swing dress? Would this one swing your heart out? Your opinion counts here.

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Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent: Silk Strapless Petal Dress

March 13th, 2014 by aclazaro

Summer time is here and it is boho time again. Are you really excited to see yourself indulging the beauty of the fashion trend while having fun? Then take the Silk Strapless Petal Dress with you. You can look fresh and equally lively while walking at your favorite park or at the beach with this chic apparel from the Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent. Your bohemian soul will rekindle in any evening affair that will surely catch anyone’s attention. So what is so special with this dress? At first glance, you can see contrasting pair with calm and simple top as well as multi-colored bottom print. The top is very classical and the bottom can make you feel the breeze. You can maximize the look by pairing up a boho headpiece, giant cocktail ring and confident attitude. Will you buy this piece for $367 and flaunt your assets with this dress?

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Ingrid Maillot Swimsuit by Hayden Harnett

March 11th, 2014 by aclazaro

Can you feel the summer heat now? The tingling sensation brought by the sun as well as the exciting ambiance of the sea breeze will surely lead you to seek for more. Take this Ingrid Maillot Swimsuit as a start of your new endeavor. If you are heading to a swimming pool or will be hitting the beach soon, you better pack your things with this chic swimwear from Hayden Harnett. Though at first glance you will have hesitations on how well this apparel will hug your figure, don’t worry that much because the trend that flows at the hip and bodice will have no problem dealing with any body shape. For only $218, you can have great options of bold colors that may complement your skin color. If you think that the patterned piping situated on the front part goes well with a sassy shade of red or the typical black color, it is your call. What I am sure is that you will enjoy the cute tie at the neck and the sexy back keyhole as you confidently flaunt your assets while having a good tan.

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