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Chloe Resort 2012

July 30th, 2011 by aclazaro

Yes, the resort collections are such in a craze. But this time, we see the Chloe Resort 2012 that will not make you feel any lazy. These go to show the improvements they have made ahead of time that would be seen on the runway for the Spring collection of 2012. The resort bags of Chloe may not be that revolutionary but it is clean and confident enough to make a very nice impression.

It has a lot of accessories that can easily be matched with these bags. There is another bright pink in the collection which would remind you of it being a bit of a reboot of the other brand’s resort bag collection. But above all, it is totally genuine and it can definitely give you a wide range of options to choose from. If you would check out more of the pictures, what do you think would you choose best?

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Daryl Kerrigan Fall 2011 Messenger Leather Bags

July 28th, 2011 by aclazaro

Do you the veteran designer brand when it comes to cool downtown look with bags? Well here we see a whole line of Daryl Kerrigan who introduced her 2011 Fall collection. This is right combination of streetwise mix of leather prints and some multi inspired layers for it. You see here a messenger bag which you can hang across your body that is perfect whether you are a guy or a gal.

I guess Daryl is the only one who can come up with such designs that are made perfect whatever is your gender. The ultimate goal of the messenger bags is to make smart sexy and to make the adjustable straps still look cool. It matches any kind of fashion whether you are out for some casual day or you are headed to an important meeting at work. It is one bag you can trust on and perfect when you wear it while having some shades over your eyes too.

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Bags on the Bucket List

July 27th, 2011 by aclazaro

Bucket bags are also very trendy since they are considered as the rebellious cousin bags of the hobo satchels. These are more oriented to be worn during the daytime and it is filled with so much youthful casualness. Here we have three bucket bags on our list.

First we have the Alexander Wang Diego Bag that is set in a calf hair design that is very slick and slippery too with some sheen filled twist which is way more sophisticated than anything else. It is also heavily studded. Then there is the Chloe Gabby Bag that somehow is filled with a lot of autumn palette. It also has shiny panels for its skin with an 80s feel. Lastly, there is the Wendy Nichol Bullet which is a collaborative project with Vanderhurd. It uses the classic handwover textiles on its overall design and is filled with braided straps and some tassels that are sleek.

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Gwyneth Paltrow – The New Face of Coach

July 25th, 2011 by aclazaro

Here we see Gwyneth Paltrow posing as the new face endorser of Coach bags. These were all shot in New York which features so much elegance of the brand but these will not be seen soon in the American mags. They are targeting though this time the overseas audience who are less familiar with the market position of such brands as Coach. Everyone thinks that Paltrow is just the perfect face to go about these – fresh faced, blonde, blue eyes and the works. She shines out against a blurry background in the modern Manhattan scene.

But this reflects the right mix of modernism and urbanity that Coach would like to show off. This is what they exactly want to share to most foreigners who are still in search of the right signature brands of bags to go for. But with these pics, all we see is the pretty actress looking very happy with her Coach satchel.

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Judith Leiber Resort 2012 Bag Collection

July 23rd, 2011 by aclazaro

When you get to have a chance to see the Judith Leiber Resort 2012 bag collection, you would surely find the entire collection way soothing. It is a group of ideas that would really stand out in the entire fashion industry. The designer is truly committed every season to come up with evening bags that are encrusted with a lot of crystals. You surely can come up with a choice even if you are unsure of what will take shape.

For Resort 2012, just like for the other brands, the theme is apparently about resorts. It is nice, simple and very straightforward. You will find here several shell clutches and even a complete line of evening bags which are symbolizing the complete signs of the zodiac. It is perfect for any event and even if you match it up with some casual attires. So which of these do you want to call your own?

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Jason Wu Resort Bags 2012 Collection

July 23rd, 2011 by aclazaro

Jason Wu has definitely given a brand new definition to what is armed candy. Here you see his 2012 resort collection of bags which means everything are not just enticing but surely refreshing. You can find colors of lollipop reds and even lemon yellows. When you look at the entire collection, it would feel as though you are looking entirely inside a gumball machine. You will see the Miss Wu wristlet, the Jourdan shoulder bag, Emma clutch and a lot more.

Majority of the bags are in sleek and modern design and they come in a wide array of colors that you would find interesting to see when you spend a day at the park. It is one thrilling collection that is surely enduring and amusing all at the same time. You can check these all out in the nearest Jason Wu fashion studio that is nearest you. Which do you like best?

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2011 Fall Collection for Celine

July 22nd, 2011 by aclazaro

Celine! A brand for shoes, accessories, and bags that has proven itself to be one of the leaders in the world of fashion. Here we feature some of the pieces in their fall 2011 collection that is full of glamour and sophistication. There is the classic flap bag, the python style, the large phantom bag and a lot more than you can ever expect. The clasp type of shoulder bag is set in a shade of very bright red and it is something that you can truly stare at for several days.

The python type of bag is very big and luxurious that you would not search for anything else except for its all flared shape. This entire collection is something that would strike a pleasant balance between what is wild and mild and it goes the same for something in between the extreme and the radical. It has definitely etched a highly fashionable spot in your heart.

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Shiseido Fall 2011Collection

July 4th, 2011 by kel15


Shiseido fall 2011 makeup collection will be released on August 1st in Japan and Taiwan. It will be the second makeup collection created by Shiseido’s Artistic Director Dick Page for the line after the Perfect Rouge collection for Shiseido spring ‘11 makeup.

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