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Watch Out for Upcoming Sale By Junior Drake!

August 11th, 2010 by aclazaro

Junior Drake, a leading handbag manufacturer, has good news for every female fashionista and handbag lover in the Bayarea! The company will soon be holding a huge 3-day event to sell their world class handbags with amazing discounts that would reach up to 60%. Most of these bags are extra items produced in their inventory and some are of the past season styles.

Junior Drake has once had a successful similar event which they held in their local area of LA and they were amazed with the positive reception the project has received. Every Junior Drake bag has a satin photo pattern of Patsy Brown and this signature portrait lining is an ideal reminder for women to remember that it’s always the items you carry or clothes you wear that makes you one of a kind; but the mere you is what makes you ultra special.

So we are inviting everyone to take part in this Junior Drake bayarea event really soon!

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