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Dior Resort 2011 Tote

June 24th, 2010 by aclazaro

This Dior Resort 2011 Tote received a series of quite easy complaints from most bag critics. Do not take it wrong. This designer handbag line is a sure standout but it does not have an official price or even a name yet. The overall design is quite simple but it still manages to symbolize everything that a Dior handbag should be and need to have – femininity, most of all.

The quilting you will see on this bag is very delicate and particularly soft. It would make you doubt your eyes if it were deceiving you since the bag is not even made out of leather. It somehow looks like lambskin and it will be a sure hit once it hits the shelves of the shops.

It carries an amazing dove grey color to make things all the better for the bag and its handle attachments are embellished with rhinestone encrustments.

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Rihanna in D&G Leopard Print

June 17th, 2010 by aclazaro

Rihanna is not just a great R&B singer and a controversial celebrity, but moreover she is a great fashionista. With a great body, it is easy for Rihanna to sport any kind of clothing or trend of style and fashion. Probably her secret is that she is oozing with self confidence that builds up her overall beauty and appeal.

All her outfits according to many fashion critics add inspiration to imaginative ideas of designers. Here we see her wearing a Dolce & Gabbana Leopard Print Dress. Almost every woman, especially the ones with the bolder personalities love the leopard prints all the time. And Dolce is one of the best suppliers of such clothes.

Truly, Rihanna exudes of great girl power especially when she won over her personal violence issues and struggles with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Rihanna totally rocks and we will continue to look forward to the rest of her outfits in the future.

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Katy Perry With A Wayuu Taya Bag

June 16th, 2010 by aclazaro

In the funky and modern world of music today, who would not know the name Katy Perry? Katy Perry, just like other iconic images of today like Lady Gaga is known for her very sexy and funky clothing style. During the MTV Movie Awards, she was seen wearing a light up dress to the Met and also a see-thru Zuhair Murad dress.

Now the outfit she have here is certainly not staying in her closet but this Coachella is definitely much tamer than the rest of her other outfits that she have worn in the past. Here she carries a Wayuu Taya bag. It is hand woven and made by the indigenous women in Venzuela.

All the proceeds of the bags sold will go to the indigenous people of Wayuu. It is not only for a good cause but it is also of perfect design. Each bag requires 8 hrs a week for straight 20 days.

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Gwen Stefani With Her 2 Kids In Beverly Hills

June 14th, 2010 by aclazaro

I am sure a lot of teenagers out there dream of having a mom that rocks.. I mean literally a rock star – just like Gwen Stefani. So could you just think about Gwen Stefani to be your mom? She is one of those popular celebrities who hold an exquisite sense of fashion. She is not the typical mom who would dress up in GAP from head to toe.

But here we see Gwen with her kids, Kingston and Zuma Rossdale looking great as they head to attend a children’s party. They were in LA. In the typical sense of a fashion of a rock star, she wore some Christian Louboutin shoes along with two amazing handbags on her arm. It was a Harajaku Lovers Tote and LAMB Grant Tote.

With two adorable kids, you would understand why a fabulous rock star mom like Gwen would need it the most on events like this.

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World Cup Bags

June 12th, 2010 by aclazaro

If you are from the south, then you would be familiar with the fact that people like dressing up for attending events especially those which are related to sports. I am not so much of a fan of soccer but with international soccer coming round again, then figure it out which of these bags are perfect to accompany you to the event.

You surely have to carry a bag even when it is a sporting game you will go to, right? The Fendi Peek-a-Boo Satchel  is something that would work for South Africa. Then there is also the Versace Naomi Leather Satchel which can be perfect for countries like Greece, Honduras or Argentina.

The Tory Burch Palma Small Backpack is for the Germany, Spain or Ghana fan while the Bottega Veneta Mini Woven Shoulder Bag is for Italy. Lastly, the Nancy Gonzales Crocodile Zip Top Satchel is in prominent red that is perfect for the rest of the countries like Cameroon, Chile, Japan, etc.

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Marc Jacobs 2010 Rockstar Clutch

June 9th, 2010 by aclazaro

The brand Marc Jacobs is known to be belonging more into the streamline and has subdued efforts in behalf of LV. But all the bag designs we have seen recently from them are all quite too simple. The closest we can get to are furs, sequins, exotic leather, a few metallics – all of which are mixed in a variety of ways to give utmost impact for a handbag.

Some people find it too confusing at times but we personally love when designers get to mix such variety of materials. Hence, if you agree with this thought, then you would also love the Marc Jacobs 2010 Rockstar Clutch.

This bag makes a huge statement that everyone will surely get to notice. Besides this is more subdued than the ones with fur and sequins. Marc Jacobs was successful in mixing a good bunch of materials that still was presented in a very appealing manner.

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Lady Gaga on Hermes Birkin

June 1st, 2010 by aclazaro

I know you love Lady Gaga just like everybody else! And I do love her too and her unique fashion sense. With this picture, it was discovered that even when it comes to bags, she performs unique makeovers right on her Hermes Birkins. It is as if she wants all the lovers of handbag all over the world to think of a creative way to apply to their own handbags. Just like this last Hermes Birkin!

This particular Birkin was conquered with studs, that are not simple, but really sharp-looking ones! This is the type of studs which when poked at you, you would imagine yourself saying Ouch! And when you take a closer look at the bag, they are not at all set apart from each other. It is actually designed in a pattern but with free form.

Hence, this is Lady Gaga! What else can you expect but beautiful and fabulous eccentricity!

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