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Biscotti Grecian Princess Girls Party Dress

December 31st, 2009 by msj484

baby dressIt is never too early to dress up your girls in pretty and charming outfits. To give them a head start in fashion, it would be better to teach them Fashion 101 at an early age. The Biscotti Grecian Princess Girls party dress is a great start! Teach your little girls to distinguish classic and fashion-forward designs vs the ones that look trying hard and cheap.

This lovely little girls dress is apt to be called a princess dress. It is made up of brown velvety fabric with accents of soft tulle. The uneven hem, soft and somewhat shirred sleeves, and the beaded and gathered bodice makes your little girl look truly like a princess.

Your little girl is not that little anymore? Well, don’t fret, this dress also comes in tween size for your not so little girl. I’m sure you will both agree to this dress. Child-like in the cut, but womanly in the details – your tween will definitely approve.

baby dress2

Get warm with a Burberry Trench Coat

December 30th, 2009 by msj484

emma-watson-wearing-burberry-trench-coatBags, wallets and purses are not the only things Burberry is known for. The UK elite brand has also been synonymous for edgy and high-fashion trench coats. Burberry has in fact a claim for the invention of the trench coat, together with Aquascutum. History says that Thomas Burberry, who invented gabardine fabric, submitted the design to United Kingdom War office in 1901 for an army officers rain coat. To this date, the trench coat has not only served the function it was intended to by Thomas Burberry, it in fact has evolved into a must have fashion item during the chilly winter months.

Bangles are back baby!

December 30th, 2009 by msj484

D&GBangles are back baby, and yeah I’m talking about the ones that look more like a trendier version of a hand cuff. The chunkier, the bolder, the better!

A cool and perfectly distinct hand cuff bangle from Dolce & Gabana is good for almost just about any look. The two-toned ensemble makes it easy to pair up with any colored outfit. It is very basic in color and design, very simple, that you could not go wrong with this piece of accessory.

This black resin hinged bangle with the D&G logo is priced at for 90EUR or roughly 130USD, which is not really a bad price to pay for a very versatile piece of accessory.

I Love Melissa Shoes…you should too

December 29th, 2009 by msj484

Ashanti brown flocThe I Love Melissa brand shoes have become a favorite among teenagers over night. Initially, the came out with rubber shoes made up of the same plastic material for jelly shoes. They are constantly innovating and have recently came up with designs to cater to the women of the other part of the demographics.

The Ashanti ankle boot could be paired up with just about any outfit. You can pair it up with a dress, a corporate attire or a casual attire, it is downright versatile. And it’s a jelly shoes! It comes in red, brown, blue and red floc. Of course it’s not from I Love Melissa without the same lingering fragrant smell that the brand is known for.

Ashanti brown floc

Renew your spirit with a Cecilia Ahern book

December 28th, 2009 by msj484

Cecilia Ahern is the pretty and young (as in early 20s) author of the best seller – PS I Love You, which was created into a major motion picture that stars Hilary Swank, Harry Connick, Jr., Gerard Butler, Kathy Bates, and Lisa Kudrow to name a few. Despite the movie being shown over two years ago, nothing beats reading the story.


Sometimes we don’t need too much retail therapy to recharge our batteries. Sometimes all it takes is to stay at home on a weekend and settle down with a good book. Forget about all those corporate books you wanted to read to get ahead in your office or the corporate jungle. Grab a copy of a romantic novel and let it transport you back in time, during those crazy adolescent years and re-live the emotions you felt back then.

PS I Love You may not be the same Mills and Boons pocket books you grew up with, since the characters in the book are all grown up, but the mere act of reading romantic novels will somehow bring back long lost memories. At the end of the day, you will definitely be glad you did take the time to read.

No spoilers about that book though!

Anne Klein’s Double Layer Crochet Glove

December 28th, 2009 by msj484

anne kleinThe winter season almost always gives us no choice but to put on layers and layers of clothes to keep ourselves warm. Unfortunately, most women think that it is perfectly acceptable to look like their grandmothers wearing those thick and drab coats with matching thick and boring gloves. Well, the fashion police says otherwise! With Anne Klein’s double layer crochet gloves your hands don’t have to look like that of your grand mother’s. Throw away those boring gloves and get yourselves a pair of these very stylish and feminine gloves. It comes in ivory and merlot fabric that’s 100% soft acrylic. You are bound to turn several heads with these lovely gloves and I’m certain you’ll be the envy of your colleagues at work, well at least for a day, that is.

anne klein2

Say hello to Olay’s Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream

December 27th, 2009 by msj484

Science has definitely given us a lot of options on how to deal with a lot of things. As for facial skin care, there are people who opt to have face lifts and botox, where as, others who prefer non-invasive treatments in fighting unsightly wrinkles and sagging skin can rely on creams. A world renowned skin care product, Olay, recently launched the Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream.

Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream is a potent cream that fights sagging and wrinkles. Lavish it on for a high concentration of amino-peptide complex and marine proteins to effectively fight signs of aging and restore skin’s elasticity.


Opening an Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting cream is like giving yourself a face lift in box.

Get rid of Holiday fats with Reliv

December 26th, 2009 by msj484

The holidays are a big reason to celebrate and be merry with friends and families. Celebrations and get togethers are always capped with a feast. As such, holidays are bound to give us additional unwanted weight when the new year starts. Majority are suspending their diets for the holidays and have high spirits that they are able to resume their diet or start for those who have yet to start, when the new year starts.

Come new year, people start on their diets, only to stop again after a few weeks. Fortunately, modern science has blessed us with a lot of recent discoveries and knowledge that helped medical companies come up with a help for weight loss. Reliv, another International company that aims to help people combat weight problems and all the monsters it brings with it, comes with a new product – Gluaffect and Simplicity.

Reliv productsBoth are aimed at maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and aiding weight management. What’s great about Reliv, is that they not only offers products like these, but they also provide customers a way to track their progress and a support group system. With that you can sure beat your battle against the bulge and slip on that sexy little black dress in a few months or perhaps just weeks.